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Descriptions of Terms & General Info

Here’s what we offer

  1. Consistent pricing (see price-list).
  2. One week turn-around in most cases, except in school holidays. Time estimate is given for major work or parts on order.
  3. 12 month written guarantee.
  4. Automatic phone / email-quote if the job will be over $200. (Please always supply ph number / email address).
  5. Student, Teacher, School, Shop, Band, Orchestra, Professional, or any wind instruments welcome.

Descriptions Woodwind / sax

  1. Service = turn and oil all rods, screws, adjusters etc. Check the following: Pads for condition and seating, Corks for thickness, condition and stability, Springs for corrosion and tension, Posts for stability and alignment, Keys and levers for alignment and travel distance. Check for any other problems. Basic clean. (Flutes and clarinets are dismantled, and bodies and tone-holes are cleaned. Saxophones and double-reeds are partly dismantled, and tone-hole rims are cleaned). Make all adjustments, slight alignments, test play. Note: All major cleaning, major alignments, tone-hole levelling, cracks, loose posts, parts, repairs, (dents, flute & sax) are extra.
  2. Re-pad-cork-felt-sleeve = service + replace all pads, corks, felts & sleeves. Note: Other parts, repairs, major alignments & cleaning, tone-hole levelling, cracks, (dents flute & sax), are extra.
  3. Overhaul = service + re-pad-cork-felt-sleeve + dismantle, general clean, re-level tone-holes where needed. Make all adjustments and alignments and approved repairs. Reduce approved denting (flute/sax) by 90 / 95%. (Approved swedging, sax). Up to 6 springs & screws (& pearl keys, sax) will be replaced. Re-level tone-holes. Note: Some repairs & parts may be extra. Buffing, large/many dents, cracks etc are extra. Quote required for complete spring replacement.

Descriptions Brass

  1. Service = dismantle and clean all valve pistons or rotors and casings. Turn and oil water-key screws. Check the following: Springs for wear, noise and tension, Felts for thickness, Corks and bumpers (where fitted) for wear and stability, Braces for stability, Fit of mouthpiece to receiver. Lubricate all moving parts with appropriate product. Check for other problems, test.
    Note: Neglected, dirty green or black insides, dents, stuck or sticking slides or valves, valve guides, alignments, reaming, lapping, soldering, repairs & parts are extra. These instruments will likely qualify for a Major Service or Overhaul.
  2. Major Service = Service (including more serious internal cleaning), + lap/polish valve pistons and casings as needed, free and align slides, replace felt and cork components, springs as needed, reduce minor denting by 90%. Note: Major dents, creases, soldering, repairs & parts are extra.
  3. Overhaul = Major Service + all reaming and aligning, replace metal valve guides if needed, replace or splice nylon guides as appropriate, soldering where parts are not missing, replace springs, finger hooks and water-key assemblies (where needed), reduce approved dents by 90%. Note: Parts which are not springs, hooks or water keys, and major damage repairs are extra