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Customers within New Zealand need to add 15% G.S.T.

Please note:

  1. Prices exclude GST; and postage additional when needed.
  2. Other repairs, modifications, parts, buffing etc, and "restorations" for extreme cases, are available; please ask if your request is not listed below
  3. Saxophone prices are assuming you have standard plastic-dome resonator pads installed. Prices are different for other resonators/pads. Please ask.
Woodwind / Sax

See here for description of terms. ie: service, re-pad, overhaul).

Instrument Service Re-pad Overhaul
Flute $69.00 $199.00 $299.00
Clarinet, open hole/split E flute $79.00 $249.00 $349.00
Sax (sop/alto), bass clarinet, oboe $99.00 $489.00 $749.00
Tenor sax $99.00 $529.00 $849.00
Baritone sax $129.00 $599.00 $949.00
Bassoon $149.00 $699.00 $949.00

Woodwind Repairs, Parts & Extras (fitted)
Adjustment/bumper cork/felt, nylon/Teflon sleeve $2.50
Flute head tuning cork $10.00
Sax neck, clarinet tenon cork, bassoon bocal and oboe joint cork $15.00
Bassoon joint cork $25.00
Needle, flat and coil spring $7.50
Flute/clarinet pad (seated) $9.00
Leather pad up to 22mm (seated) $10.00
Leather pad between 22.5mm and 40mm (seated) $12.50
Leather pad over 40mm (seated) $15.00
Pivot, guard and wood screw $4.00
Sax neck screw, pearl key button $9.00
Correct loose/tight joint (flute, sax neck)
from $20.00
Straighten flute, fix broken clarinet joint, or loose/shifted sax ferrule from $75.00
Repair loose post on plastic/resin clarinet $10.00
Repair loose post on wooden clarinet $30.00
Clarinet thumb rest $9.50
Adjustable thumb rest $29.50
Shorten clarinet barrel $45.00
Join broken key/lever from $25.00
Loosen seized pivot screw/rod from $10.00
Buff keys/plated body quote required

Brass instruments

See here for description of terms. ie: service, major service, overhaul .

Instrument Service Major Service Overhaul
Small brass / trom with no valve(s) $69.00 $149.00 $299.00
Trom with valve(s) $89.00 $179.00 $399.00
Large 3 valve brass $89.00 $179.00 $449.00
Single French-horn / large 4 valve brass $99.00 $199.00 $489.00
Double French-horn $129.00 $249.00 $499.00

Brass Instrument Repairs, Parts & Extras (fitted)
Most felts
Most springs, water-key corks, trombone stops and bumpers
each $7.50
M/piece removal, m/piece clean, re-true mouthpiece shank, most stuck tuning slides
each $10.00
from $40.00
from $60.00
Re-string French-horn
Valve-case hone, piston lap
each $25.00
Replace metal valve guide
each $25.00
from $25.00
Water-key assembly
Align, repair trombone slides
from $40.00

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