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Custom Instrument

There are countless possibilities, regarding customising instruments. Here’s one.

(For examples on custom work to saxes, click here).

Yes, this is all I get to start with!

To start off, the basics are done; general clean, dent removal, that sort of stuff.

Then the good part starts, where the missing and extra components are fabricated. Below describes the missing main tuning slide formation.

A new brass tube of a suitable diameter is annealed and filled with lead.

2, the slide is formed.

3, the lead is removed from inside the new slide.

Next come the additions which the customer has asked for. In this case: trigger on 1st valve tuning slide, adjustable stop-rod on 3rd valve tuning slide, slightly angled adjustable 3rd slide finger ring, three Amado water keys, on the main and 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides. Below is the trigger being annealed for the second time, having already had some shaping, starting from straight brass rod.

Then the shaping of the brass trigger key is continued. Later the remaining components for the trigger are made up, finished, and fitted.

Next the stop-rod is made. Here the brass rod is being threaded. Posts and nuts are also fitted.

The necessaries also need to be taken care of. Valves need to be lapped, new metal valve guides installed, new springs, lead pipe replaced, and of-course, reassembly! Here she is, pre delivery.

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