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Saxophone Customise Page

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few options and examples.

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Here we have a customer with a MK VI Selmer Paris tenor, who'd like to have a paddle added, and also have the G pearl extended out and up.

Here is the standard set up,

and here it is, customised to the cusomer's specs.

In this next example, Mr. K. injured his left arm many years ago, making his middle finger permanently tend to curl up, so it slips off the normal keys. So I made him a new key, with an extra strengthening bar to the upper-stack rod. (below left) (He never used the small Bb pearl, which has been removed).and here he is now, able to play his sax again! (below right) Please note, Mr K. was so happy with this modification that he later had his Yamaha Tenor modified also.

Here’s a way to give your horn a custom look,

Hey, they’re white! Nothing looks as classy as white and silver:

Matt black pads are also available.

Plenty more custom options are possible, depending on your needs !

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