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Damaged Saxophone

There are many ways of damaging your sax. “It just fell off the stand, it only went this far” is always a good one! I think the best one I’ve had yet though is “it fell off the cistern”. Well, when you’ve gotta go, you've gotta go, I suppose !

Damage control can start with the little things, like:

A, Dent removal with the rebound method:

(above) The rod you see going inside has a dent-ball on the end, and rebounds when struck with the mallet. When done correctly, it will remove the dent. Please do not try this at home!

B, Dent removal with the magnet & dolly system:

This is the magnet; the dolly is inside, out of view. (above)

You will not achieve this with your average fridge magnet! (above)

C, dent removal with direct pressure, using various tools, burnishers and mandrils.

This is a common one: Eb key guard damage (below)

Well, they used to be friends ! (below)

nothing a little warmth can't fix (silver soldering, below)

and no-one will ever know ! (below)

Then there are times where complete dismantling is necessary, like:

A, Sax is bent where it’s supposed to be straight..

(above), This Selmer Paris tenor stack is on the straight mandril to be marked where the high/low spots are, and to assess how much it is bent, before going onto the sax stack straightening equipment (not shown).

Here it is again, straight, and ready to be re-bent! (above)

And again (below), after cleaning inside and out. (This is the inside) !

B, You let grandpa do the repairs again ?? Ok, let's put a proper key guard on, get rid of the flat bottom, and clean it up a bit. Yes, it is the same sax !!

C, So you dropped your sax, it looks ok, but now the paddle notes won’t work (the ones you operate with your little-finger of each hand, L/H - G#, low C#, B, Bb, R/H – low Eb and C). The pad-cups don’t line up any more, and the pads just won’t close. Like on this Yamaha AS-100.

This could mean that your ferrule has come loose. This requires dismantling,

cleaning of ajoining parts and rejoining.

What ever you come up with regarding sax-damage, don’t worry. There is a way to get it going again!

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