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Discounts apply for batches of instruments serviced on a yearly basis. These are usually school or shop-hire instruments, but can also be band, private, or any other instruments you'd like to have regularly serviced.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Initially, the instruments are inspected to assess their current condition, and the first service is charged accordingly, but with a “bulk-buy” discount.
  2. After that, when the instruments are returned on a yearly (or other, by agreement) basis, there is an all inclusive standard charge per instrument type applied for maintenance per instrument, including servicing, pads, corks, minor dings etc, so that you are able to budget your music / hire department expenses in advance! Only damage considered by us to be beyond "general", will attract extra charges, but I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what is included in the standard charge.

Please note, in cases where there would be courier charges involved for the quote, the initial assessment can be made remotely, providing that digital photos of each instrument along with its brand name and brief description of playability is provided.

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