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Saxophone Service

First, your sax is tested, to identify any existing problems. It is then partly dismantled to access “closed” pads and flat spring screws, and also, to check for possible future problems. Everything is checked; pads, corks, felts, springs, screws, rods, posts, rollers, ferrules, tone-hole rims, levers, all other mechanisms, body. Notes are taken to ensure nothing is missed.

Your sax is then brushed in between the components to remove any dust and fluff, and then cleaned to remove excess oil and watermarks. Note: if your sax is excessively tarnished or dirty, an extra cost will apply. Here is a Yamaha alto with the usual amount of disassembly for a service.

Next, all the flat spring screws are loosened and oiled, and retightened. Every single pivot screw and rod, and adjustment screw, is turned, (to make sure it is not siezed, or that is might become so), and oiled, and retightened/adjusted. The list is referred to and any replacements or repairs are done. Minor alignments, spring tension corrections and all adjustments are included in the cost of your service. Note: repairs, parts, pads, corks, felts, sleeves and dents attract an extra charge, please see price list. (For more details of pad and cork replacement see repad sax).

Your sax is re-assembled and any new pads are then seated, (see repad sax) and old ones are re-seated where needed. Then it is regulated. Here is the same sax with the inspection light inside, to check for leaks, and to help with making adjustments.

Regulating takes care of all adjustments to make the sax play correctly, and to ensure that there is no free-play in any of the action. It is then tested, your case is vacuumed, and your instrument is returned.

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